Changing the Lottery Experience by offering variety & innovation, giving
access to the biggest jackpots in the world.

Our Solutions

Lottery Games

An end-to-end solution providing access to the biggest jackpots from around the world.

Insurance-backed Prize Cover

Top-tier Top-tier Lloyds-backed insurance cover to offer high jackpots by either enhancing your current games, using our lottery content, or creating new, custom lottery games.

Custom Jackpot Games

Development, rollout, and management of customized jackpot games (traditional lotteires, instant lotteries, custom games), using the unique iRNG (insurance-backed random number generator).

Our Target Partners

State Lotteries

  • Attract new players and retain your existing database by significantly increasing your jackpot prize levels, without worrying if your collected stakes cover the prize.
  • Create and rollout higher-frequency lottery and jackpot games for instant gratification.
  • Create and rollout new, innovative games with varied payout structures to adhere to different customer segments: Imagine an INSTANT lottery draw with a €10m jackpot or rolling out a PERSONAL lottery where the player chooses the jackpot amount.

Gaming Operators

  • Enhance your slots, progressive jackpots, bingo games, or scratchcards by offering new, high prize tiers using the insurance-backed prize cover.
  • Integrate a lottery offering to create a new vertical for acquisition and retention.
  • Use the prize cover to offer exciting prizes through promotional activities, raffles, sweepstakes and more. Why offer a weekend in the Maldives when you can offer a €10m jackpot with no worries?

Lottery Platform Providers

  • Improve the offering to your clients by providing access to the insurance- backed prize cover to enhance their existing lottery games.
  • Offer your clients the ability to create and rollout custom lottery and jackpot games.

Enhance your Gaming Offering with Us